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UK Retreats

We are excited to announce that the next UK Vita Retreats will be held at different locations in the historic county of Suffolk in Feb 2015 and May 2015. We will be offering a weekend retreat from Thursday to Sunday and also a mid-week retreat from Tuesday to Friday.

General Information for booking a UK Vita Retreat.

Whilst the retreats are in the UK it is still advisable to have suitable personal travel insurance in case you find you have to cancel your place on the retreat at short notice. Please see terms and conditions for more information on this. Although the retreat activities will be gentle and tailored to the individual, for breast cancer patients it is advisable that you seek GP or doctors approval if you are in any doubt of your readiness, and in some cases you may be required to bring a letter of approval. On booking the retreat we will send a medical questionnaire for you to fill in with information we require for participation. We will confirm booking once this has been received and inform you of any extra requirements such as an approval letter. In most cases you should have completed your surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy before attending the retreat, but you may still be on hormone treatment. If however you feel you would like to attend but haven’t finished the outpatient ¬†treatment please get in touch and we can discuss this on an individual basis.