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Joseph Pilates was a German, born in 1880. He wasn’t a well child, suffering from a number of ailments including Asthma, rheumatic fever and rickets. He subsequently spent his life developing the “Pilates” style of exercise to become physically stronger. Pilates is one of the few exercises that teaches you to engage your local core muscles before the global superficial muscles.

Since that time “Pilates” has grown and developed with each new generation but the essence and core principles remains the same:

Concentration,  Breathing,  Centering,  Control,  Precision,  Flow,  Isolation and Routine.

Pilates will help develop strength, flexibility and coordination. It can be beneficial to absolutely anyone just wanting to improve their posture, improve tone all over and to get a flat tummy. It can improve body alignment by developing the deep postural and stabilizing muscles. It can build concentration and aid calm.

Pilates can also be used for rehabilitation for spinal and postural problems. As an Osteopath, Ali uses her anatomy and spinal knowledge to give you a balanced and appropriate class.